• Onyx Eco Smart

    Be responsible for GLOBAL COOLING

    Enter the innovative world of OPAL INDUSTRIES... a manufacturer of new generation Water Heaters. Lets prevent global warming, just a click away, use Onyx

    Onyx renewable energy Heat Pump to heat water...

    No direct solar, No gas, Eco-friendly, Go Green, Pollution free...

  • Onyx Eco Smart

    We seem to share a common thought, a sense of responsibility to nature, a concern to cooling the environment compensating all the heat thrown by us to the surrounding, knowingly or unknowingly.

    In this new era of energy conservation, we strive hard to innovate and produce a new concept in Water Heating... Onyx Eco-Smart Renewable energy Water heaters.

  • Onyx Eco Smart

    Our future depends on what we have inherited from our ansisters an eco-friendly environment with friendship and peace which the people recycle, reuse, and reduce.

    Onyx eco-smart is a giant leap in success to our vision as it uses Renewable Energy, Its eco-friendly and pollution Free.


Onyx Features

Onyx Eco-Smart Renewable energy Water heaters is the only of its kind where surrounding heat is extracted and released to the water, resulting in water heating and ambient cooling.

A small amount of electrical energy is involved in the process, hence you save upto 75% of electricity depending on ambient conditions.

  • Uses Renewable Energy
  • Compact and occupies less floor area
  • Easy to install anywhere
  • 100% FREE cold air
  • No Sunlight nor LPG required
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    Serve Nature
               Save Nature